Funny, how it feels like yesterday, we were just excited to turn 18. We were so thrilled to go to themed parties and make an effort to buy clothes to match the theme. We were eager to be called adults and no longer be referred as minors. We were restless, we partied, we drank, we explored and did things we can because we were old enough, or so we thought. And now that we are in our mid-twenties, the craze slowly dies down. We now realize that we are too old to be careless. So while some people are busy building their careers, there are also brave souls building a family.

And it was an honor, for me, to witness how one person turned her back to the sweet life of young adulthood to step up to another level, to start a family. And as she walked down the aisle, while ‘I want to spend my life time loving youuuu’ was playing in the background, a question dawned unto me: Do I ever want to get married?

I could have never guessed that it would be my college friend-slash-dormmate, Grace, to be the first one to get married. I can remember back in college, we were teasing her about her boyfriend, Paul. We told her, he cannot be serious about her if he doesn’t want to meet her friends. She never introduced Paul to us. She always meets him when we’re not in the dorm. Luckily for me, though, to have run into them once in Trinoma. So finally I was able to meet this guy. He is 6ft tall, while Grace is around 4ft 10 in, I believe. And that became one of the things we always teased Grace about. We would always tell her how physically incompatible they are. But Grace usually shrugs it off. She’d rather keep their relationship private.

(Fast forward… After 4 years.)

I was really shocked when I receive a text message one hot summer day in May.

Grace: “Hoy Drea, may sasabihin nga ako. Invited ka”

Me: Saan? Pucha. Ikakasal ka o buntis ka?

Grace: Ikakasal. :))

Me: Seryoso? Kay Paul????

Grace: Oo! Kanino pa ba!? Hahaha.

And that was it. I asked all the deets: when, where, why and how… I was very excited for her! I’ve spent the last year of my college life with her, alongside with my two other crazy friends, EJ and Wreg. However, I later found out that it was only I, Say and Jackie that she invited and we were told not to tell it to anyone just yet. They want to keep the celebration small and private. So even though I wanted to post it in Facebook and shout it to the world (I was that happy for her), I just kept everything as a secret and waited for that special day

And then last Saturday, June 28, the wedding day came…

We checked in at Malolos Resort Club Royale around 12mn on June 28. The bride was already sleeping when we came in, but we woke her up. We had a little chit-chat, then we urged her to sleep again, since she has to wake up by 3am to start preparing for the wedding. I bet she didn’t sleep well that night because she was excited, though she didn’t admit it.

Few shots I took during her pictorial/preparation for the wedding.

20140628_070907_1 20140628_065609_2 20140628_070759_1 20140628_062529_1 20140628_062408_1 20140628_063515_1 20140628_053940_1 20140628_053922_1

Barasoain Church

The wedding started around 8:30 in the morning and it was held at Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan. The celebration was intimate since the attendees are mostly family members and relatives. Grace’s high school friends were the bridesmaids. Jackie and I claimed to be her maids of honor, literally, since we helped her carry her long gown at helped her pee.

20140628_080843_1 20140628_080437_1

20140628_080646_1 20140628_081054_1

20140628_081652_1 20140628_091612_1

The mandatory picture with the couple.

20140628_093339_1 20140628_093329_1

20140628_093837_1 20140628_093945_1

Just got married!

The reception was also held at Club Royale.


The program followed the usual, pagsaboy ng bigas when they entered the room, the slicing of the cake, the nakakaiyak na messages from the parents and friends of the couple and of course the throwing of the bouquet for the single ladies.

They made a twist to that game though. Instead of the usual bouquet, the bride will throw ping pong balls. And instead of catching it, the girl who wouldn’t be able to catch the ball will be the next one to get married. (The MC said the reason behind it was: nowadays, single girls don’t want to get married yet, so most likely they will try to catch the ball). Fortunately for Jackie who wants to get married already, she didn’t have to struggle in catching anything. When the balls were thrown, she just stood there and looked away. Ending? She got the bouquet!

Here’s the bouquet. We got to borrow it afterwards.

20140628_110500_1 20140628_110528_1

The food was excellent. We were starving when we got to the reception since we haven’t had anything for breakfast. There was also a photo booth! Of course, we took advantage of it!

10488369_656876574381334_3094609712231219924_n 10462436_656876181048040_2121067873017051895_n 10505349_656876981047960_3752352563590631978_n 10428519_656876104381381_1821363621888291856_n

So going back to my question earlier, “Do I ever want to get married?” The answer is yes, of course. It’s every girl’s dream. To walk down the aisle and to have this one day all about her. But do we really need to marry? I mean, if you find someone you love and loves you all the same, is it really necessary?

Maybe, I am just in that situation where I am in love with a person and likewise, however marriage is not an option for us. I am not closing my door on marriage and hope that one day I’ll also be able to walk down the aisle. But I’m not also closing my mind on the idea that maybe marriage is not for everyone.


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