First time: Cinemalaya 2014



I’ve never been fond of Filipino movies. Maybe due to its predictable storyline and unconvincing acting of the artistas nowadays. But they say indie movies are different, for they tackle the real issues of the society — issues that most of the mainstream movies don’t focus on. This year, Cinemalaya falls on my birthday week. I decided to watch, for a change. And I’m glad I did. This year’s lineup is promising (as if I know what the previous years’ line ups were). I wanted to see Kasal and #Y initially. But when we went to CCP, it was already sold out. We were left with Diablo and Janitor. We went for the latter. 


20140807_14390620140807_150055_120140807_144611 20140807_150314 I went to CCP with Krissy. Our initial plan was 3:00 at CCP, then immediately after the movie, we will head to Greenbelt for the 6:15 movie. Few days before the showing (August 7, Thursday) we thought of buying tickets in advance, but we decided to just go there early. Being a first timer, I didn’t know that there can be a lot of people and tickets can get sold out immediately. So we settled for the best movie we can find, The Janitor. Which turned out to be a very good movie. 20140807_145226_1 20140807_145737 20140807_143748-1_1 Movie #1 : The Janitor The Janitor was about an ex-cop Crisanto Espina (Dennis Trillo), who was dismissed due to an incident he took accounted for, and how he gave justice to the murder/robbery that happened in a small savings bank in Laguna. The lookout during the crime was apprehended and was tortured for not cooperating with the police, eventually he named the suspects. The newly-appointed police officer (Ricky Davao) has his own way of giving justice, though. Being the right hand of a police official (Richard Gomez),  Crisanto was assigned to take the life of the suspects of the crime. He obediently did what was asked of him for he believed that he was doing it for the sake of justice. Little did he know, he was taking the lives of innocent people. The Janitor presented the justice system in the Philippines. How innocent people can be punished and the criminals can stay in the loose. All through out the movie, they showed different kinds of injustice, however big or small. It is really sad to see what people can do to stay in power, even if it means putting someone (read: innocent) down. 20140807_150914_1 20140807_174003 PicsArt_1407405904367 Movie #2 : 1st ko si 3rd. After getting so bitin from watching one Cinemalaya entry, I really pushed for another one. I preferred to be alone this time. I went to Ayala Fairview Terraces and watch 1st ko si 3rd. (It was also my first time to watch movie alone.)  

While waiting for the movie. (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)
While waiting for the movie. (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)

1st ko si 3rd is about a retiree Cory (Nova Villa) who, all throughout the movie, reminisced about her first love, Third (Freddie Webb). She eventually saw him after 4 decades, when he visited the Philippines. The movie showed their love story and how she dealt with reuniting with her first love. I have a lot of feels for this movie. First, I hated Cory’s character. And how Nova Villa portrayed it. I don’t like her facial expression and reactions. Which I think made her more effective. I personally think that she’s meant to piss the viewers. I hated it when she reminisces about her first love, despite having a husband. I hate how she can be moody when she’s talking to her husband. And how she is pakipot and in denial. And I hate her for not being happy and contented with her life. And maybe, I hate it because I see myself in her or maybe I hate her because I may be like her in the future. The movie made me realize to make decisions wisely because I don’t want to end up like her. To grow old full of regrets. To live with what-ifs all her life. And to realize it when it’s too late. It was an eye-opener for me. It made me realize that if I love someone, I would need to show it and fight for it. Especially if the other person feels the same way.  


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