Post Break-up Reminders

Break ups are hard. Same as letting go and moving forward. But you’re here. See how far you’ve come since the last time you said “I can’t do this anymore!” It was hard. And it is supposed to be. So you’re doing it just right. You will see him happy on the pictures with his new girlfriend, and it will hurt. And that is perfectly fine. He will live his life without you and he will forget that you were the person he loved most among other people. People move on, lives go on, things change and feelings fade.

Remember, how you always say that you want him to be happy, and you felt you cannot make him happy? Look at him now, he is happy. And if you really love/d him, you will be happy for that happiness, too. It will hurt, my dear. But it can’t hurt the same as time passes by. It will subside and it will fade too. You’ll get used to it. You may remember the times you were happy, and that’s the trap. You will think over and over again, how you used to be so happy, and how this person treated you with all the love and respect you never thought you deserve and you will ask yourself why did you ever forget that. But it is all a trick. The trick is to make you think that you made a wrong decision, but you made it. You broke up with him because you found a reason why you should. Do not ever trick yourself in getting back, just because he’s happy and you are not.

Remember, how you wanted to sleep all day and how you tell yourself that you have a lot of goals and dreams to accomplish. Now you have all your time to yourself and for your dreams. Maximize it. Do the things you love to do and the things that you promised yourself to do. You wanted to spend Sundays with your family, do it. You wanted to take that dance class, which you haven’t had time for before, now you do. There are a lot of things that you can do, and try to focus on them, try to make yourself better. You do not need to jump into another relationship again, be in a relationship with yourself first. Exercise, get fit, go to art galleries, try a new activity, travel… Do the things that you can’t find time for before. You got plenty of time now.

**I hope you are not doing anything right now that you promised yourself that you wouldn’t do. You know, things you might regret. But if in case you changed, and you suddenly lose the things you value, ask yourself if it really makes you happy or does it make you proud or is this the life you really want to have? Remember, you are different from other girls and that’s what made you special. What happened to that girl? I hope if you lose your way, you find the courage to get back on the road. Remember when you were very proud to say you were not like them, be that person again. Don’t do things just because other people are doing it. Regain your values. It’s never too late.

Nothing is ever easy, especially moving on and eating your pride. Your ex will love again and so do you! So do not grieve for too long, you can shed few tears and eat that whole pint of ice cream (if you can!), you can smoke and you can drink, like A LOT!  But one thing is certain: tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow is another day. And tomorrow you’ll be happy again.

** – Only applies to me.  And to some who can relate and know what I am talking about.




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