Alviera’s The Giant Swing Challenge



It was one fine Sunday in Pampanga, when my cousins and I went Alviera to try their Giant Swing and Zipline. It was more or less 45-minute drive from Sta. Ana, Pampanga,  where my cousins reside. I haven’t heard of Sandbox before nor seen it on TV, but they said it was featured in KrisTV. I don’t have any expectations of the place. So when we got there…


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Around 10AM,

Upon getting there, we were welcomed by a bad news and a really bad customer service from the guards manning the entrance. They said that they no longer accept any customers because they already reached their limit. The weird thing about it was, there are people and cars heading out, so it is impossible that they already reached their limit when there are people going out. People were hesitant to leave, especially the group who traveled all the way from Isabela.

20140824_120255_1 20140824_120114_1

Good thing, we didn’t leave because after 30 minutes or so, one of the guards said, “Meron palang tickets. Miscommunication lang po.” We didn’t even wait for their instructions, people started to walk in and cars started to roar.

Long walk from the entrance.




But in the ticketing office, there was another unpleasant news, they only have tickets for the Giant Swing. We still purchased it, it was better than nothing. Good thing, they waived the entrance fee.




By the way, we fell in line for 2hrs, for a 1-minute Giant Swing ride. While waiting, we grabbed some food on the only store inside Sandbox. Of course, the line was long and most of the food are out of stock.  But we did manage to buy a decent sandwich and drinks to ease our growling stomach (we didn’t have lunch yet!).

Finally!!! Our turn came.

image-2b33b70dabacb1c41b5f0054068f756fbc1ce136b9c4f9ab89625d19d19385ce-V image-68c064b74a9a43c6ad136f7ce8573d873902dc95ae84fd6e04a5b893f863357d-V image-44242127558be2a8dea81a3b8be0e76a14ca664ebec66b82237c4e1ca2cfd397-V  image-d955eaec97575d46f9a170d744e059d3d931eb72d6ec093dd45ed8c286e06f04-V


Whew!!! It was thrilling! Coming from me, who doesn;t like extreme rides. I can say this is a lot better than Anchor’s Away. You would only feel the rush during the first two swings, but after that it’s sisiw. 

After such a tiring activity, we headed to Nathaniel’s for our lunch! Yey!

Mami and Siomai!

The following day, we went back to Manila, and we bought our pasalubong from my cousins friend. Please do check her instagram account: lesweets_ph. We had Oreo and Blueberry Cheesecake!

20140825_194246_1 20140825_194130_1



1. Wear sunblock for protection. Or bring an umbrella. There are very few shades in Sandbox.

2. Make reservations if you are group of 10. Or go there early in the morning. They are open Tuesdays – Sundays from 9AM – 5PM.

3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Check out their website:

Follow them: @alvieraPH



Mobile number: 0936-988-6023




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