Travel Diary: Nagsasa Cove


PS: My travel blog articles are entered late — waaaaay late, that it will pass as a throwback article.

May 31, 2014.

Before summer officially ended, we had one last hirit sa tag-init. I was so desperate to go out of town at that time, that I volunteered myself to organize the whole out-of-town get together. I took care of the place, the contact person and the food, which is a first time. I rarely participate in the planning activity, I usually shell out my contribution then that’s it. But this is not like the other out-of-town trips. I have to plan it for it to push through.

We were aiming for somewhere cheap and just hours away from the metro but would still give an amazing experience. We were choosing between Burot Beach in Batangas and Nagsasa in Zambales. We went for the latter. Imagine for only P1500.00 we were able to have a great time in Zambales and we got to visit 3 islands!

Preparations and costs for group of 12.

1. We contacted the Beach Place. There are other camp sites in Nagsasa, but I think the Beach Place is the most famous.

Contact person: Elaine 0916-653-2281

Allotted amount: P700.00/each

Package inclusion:

Basic Stuff (panluto stuff/grill + 2 5-gallon drinking water, ice + icebox, kahoy pang bonfire) + Overnight entrance fee + Roundtrip fee + cottage/hut + island hopping.

*If you won’t avail the island hopping, the cost is only P600.00. So for a 100.00 each, you can visit other islands such as Anawangin and Capones.

2. We shopped for food.

Allotted amount; P300.00/each

We bought butane. (Beach Place will provide the panluto, but you have to bring your own butane or gas), breakfast food such as maling, eggs, hotdogs, etc., our lunch/dinner upon arrival: adobo (which was cooked already that morning)and liempo, we also bought booze (4 1L of Emperador Lights) and softdrinks, snacks, marshmallow (for bonfire and dessert: smores) and rice. And, don’t forget the paper plates and cups!

3. Bring other important stuff

Nagsasa has no electricity. And no rooms are available, so you have to bring your own tent or rent (I believe, it costs around P300-400). We brought 3 tents for 12 people. We also brought fan run by battery and flashlights! Also, bring pillows (for your own comfort) and medicine.

4. Transportation

Allotted amount: P500.00/each

Luckily, one of our friends has a van for rent. We rented their Hi-Ace for 4k, without driver and toll. Our boys (Kuya Arjay, Mac and Aenied took care of driving), and we all shared the toll fees and gas. Though, we exceeded the P500 contribution because we got out of the wrong exit in NLEX. But if that’s not the case, P500 should already be enough.

Our experience:

We arrived at Pundaquit, where the boat going to Nagsasa is waiting. Our meeting time was 10AM, we got there few minutes before 11AM (we got lost, unfortunately!). Good thing, the group (of 4 people) who we will be joining didn’t get mad at us for being late.

IMG_5967 IMG_5968IMG_5975IMG_5970 IMG_5971

After around 30 minutes of traveling by water, we finally reached Nagsasa Cove!!!

IMG_5982 IMG_5983 IMG_5986 IMG_5988IMG_6004 IMG_5995 IMG_6007 IMG_6012IMG_6013 IMG_6314

Upon arrival, we started setting up the tents while the others prepared our lunch.

IMG_6018 IMG_6030 IMG_6023 IMG_6020IMG_6021 IMG_6016

IMG_6075 IMG_6076

After stuffing our tummies with lunch, some headed out to the beach, others stayed in the cottage to rest and drink some.

IMG_6089 IMG_6088 IMG_6092 IMG_6101 IMG_6095 IMG_6094

Around late in the afternoon, when Mr. Sun was no longer blazing, we headed out to the beach…

IMG_6120IMG_6147 IMG_6133 IMG_6186 IMG_6190 IMG_6192 IMG_6178

If you walk farther, you will reach a river, below-knee deep. The water is warm and the place is calm and breathtaking. The best part of Nagsasa.

IMG_6262 IMG_6261 IMG_6277 IMG_6276_1 IMG_6206 IMG_6207IMG_6254 IMG_6248_1IMG_6268 IMG_6265

And, of course, the mandatory jump shot!

IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6281 IMG_6283 IMG_6286
And more…

IMG_6288 IMG_6293

IMG_6289 IMG_6306

When the sun set already, we headed back to the campsite to prepare our dinner.




IMG_6327 IMG_6325 IMG_6322 IMG_6333

IMG_6341 IMG_6340 IMG_6337

IMG_6350 IMG_6345 IMG_6351 IMG_6334

After a couple of drinks and smores and drinking games, what came after was something we didn’t expect. IT RAINED! And yes, those tents that we set up were not used. Instead, we made ourselves comfortable in the cottage, and that’s where we slept.

The following morning we are scheduled to go on island hopping. However, we didn’t know what time are we going to be picked up. So we took our time. When we woke u[ around 9AM, we swam, then prepared our food.

IMG_6460IMG_6365 IMG_6403 IMG_6407 IMG_6433 IMG_6451 IMG_6458

Little did we know, the island hopping was scheduled at 11AM. When we were picked up, we haven’t eaten yet. Some were cooking, the others were resting. We are supposed to join the other group (same group who waited for us in Pundaquit). I don’t know what happened, but after they waited (again) for around  an hour, they left without us. They rode a different boat. Our boatman waited for us (I assume it’s because we are a larger group, our payment is definitely bigger).

10403080_10204049783150080_7937016326309420395_n 20140601_124138_1

Goodbye, Nagsasa! It was a great weekend!


Continuation post…

ISLAND HOPPING: We went to Anawangin, which was more famous than Nagsasa, however, dirtier and crowded. Then we went to Capones Lighthouse.

Capones Lighthouse entry here.

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