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5 Ways To Know If The Girl With Big Ego Is Into You

While girls are often regarded by men as hard to understand, girls with big ego are ultimately the hardest to decipher. They say things that mean the other, they never let their guards down and they always, always show that their better off alone than to be with you.

So how would you know if she’s into you…?

1. If she tells you.

First and foremost, a girl with a big ego wouldn’t admit her feelings. So if she gets to admit it to you. Man, she’s into you BIG time.

2. If she pushes you away.

While this is something common among girls, a girl with a big ego will prefer seeing you leave than tell you to stay. It is that hard for them to admit that they need someone. So, if she pushes you away, let her by herself for a couple of days. Once you come around and she still entertains you, it is positive.

3. If she says she is not jealous but then she has turned cold.

No girl will admit that they’re jealous. Not even, not ever, the girl with big ego. No, she is not jealous at all (according to her), but watch how she will act after she saw you talk to someone over the phone or after you smile to the girl who keeps on looking at you at the other table. No, she’s not jealous, she will just bat her eyelashes and give you the coldest dinner, ever.

4. If she introduces you to her friends.

To be honest, her friends already know about you before even meeting you, because you are all she talks about when she is with them. She’s bringing you along to show you off to her friends, introduce you to them, while her friends cast their vote in their minds — is he a yay or nay?

5. If she lets her guard down.

That means she trusts you enough to let you in. If she lets you see her vulnerable side, if she opens up to you about her failures and dreams, if she stops putting her best food forward and let you see her as she is… then man, she’s into you.

And if you know she’s into you, please don’t hurt her. Because you don’t know how much courage it took her to let you in. It’s not that she has trust issues, she’s just very protective of her self — of her heart. And if she gives it to you, take good care of it. Because not everyone can have it.

If you hurt her, she will forgive you. She is capable of that. But remember you are dealing with a girl full of ego, she knows well what she deserves. She would rather see you go than let you see that she’s hurt. She can walk out the door and never look back. It doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t love you. She loved you with the best that she can, she just knows when it is enough to walk away.

Etched on my mind.

October 13, 2014

Earlier today, I was walking alone in a fairly crowded street. Far ahead, someone’s head looks very familiar. It looks like yours and how I wish it was yours. But it was not, of course, how could it be?

I remember how your head looks in the crowd. And how you stand out in the sea of people, walking towards me. How, the way you walk, hold so much confidence in itself. And I wonder, how can I ever forget these?

Filling in the gap.


I know it’s been quite a while since I posted anything meaningful here. And did you notice I have a new blog? Hah! Yes, I decided to separate my thoughts, poems and writings from my byahenidrei blog. It’s awkward for people checking out the places I’ve been to then stumble upon my laslas-pulso posts. So there.

Another news! I’ve been accepted as a part-time blogger to a local travel shop. You can check out their website here. It feels good to get paid for something you’d like to do such as writing. I am still not used to it though, but I love everytime I get to post an article and people are liking it and actually reading it.

Geez, it’s the end of October already! Time really flies by so fast! Okay, gotta go, have to blog something meaningful. Bye!

Masskara Festival Travel Guide


Known as the City of Smiles, Bacolod City celebrates MassKara Festival every October, with the highlights of the event on the 3rd week of the month. The festival started back in the 80’s when the city went through a crisis. The Bacolodnons decided to hold a festival to show that no matter how tough times get, they will able to survive and get through it.

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