Things to do this 2015:

1. Travel

Got one for January! I am bound to Cebu this 3rd week of January for — you guessed it  — SINULOG! Yay! It will be my first time in Cebu, so I will be staying there for a week! Talk about getting deprived of vacation last year. I have another travel lined up this year which is my Vietnam-Cambodia trip in July which I hope will push through. We were able to book the MNL to Ho Chih Minh only. We are to book the one back to MNL on the next seat sale pa. Then few annual trips, one in summer, and the other one with my college friends.

2. Get fit.

Or fat. Hahaha. Will be back doing yoga this year, or probably at the latter part of the year, will go back to circuit training at Curves. But target date for yoga will be the first quarter of 2015. And probably will join some fun runs here and there.

3. Drive

Now that I got my license, I should drive more often. Especially due to number 4.

4. Graduate Studies

Hopefullyyy, this will push through this year. I have been delaying this since 2012. This should be now or never. Hope to pass in ADMU but will submit requirements in UP as well.

5. Date

Yes, kelangan sinisingit to. Hahaha. Well, time to get to know other human beings.

6. Read.

Thinking of challenging myself to read 20 books this year (is that too much?).

7. Blog

Of course, I should maintain this blog this 2015! Especially my other blog. But to be honest, I enjoy blogging here because it’s more personal.

That’s my list so far. Will try to add some more next time.

Love in 2015

I don’t know but I am feeling extremely positive this 2015. Maybe because it is still the beginning. Beginnings make us feel hopeful, right?

This year, I feel like I am going to love again. Not romantically, but I will be in love with life in general. In 2014, I ended a long time relationship with my partner. And though we broke up a couple of times back, I am very sure now that there’s no going back. Maybe I feel very positive this year because I am not attached again. I can do things on my own again and spend more time with my family and friends.

I don’t want to be romantically involved this 2015. Though I want to date again, I want to take it slow this time. I rethink about my relationships for the previous years, and I realized that I am not yet ready to fully commit to someone else. I realized it would take a lot of effort to sustain a relationship. I don’t think I am ready to give everything I got right now. I want to make myself feel complete first before I enter anything that would require myself. I want to become better this year. To engage in a lot of activities and conversation with people. I want to learn a lot from the people I will interact with.

I am claiming it as early as now, that this 2015 I will fall in love. I will fall in love with places I’ve never been to. I will fall in love with deep conversation with people. I will fall in love with life and I will be in love with myself.

Looking back on the year that was: 2014

Don’t you think 2014 went by a little too fast? Jeez, I think so too.

Seriously, I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything last year. Travels last year were minimal compared to 2013. Work was same, though I did better, still feels the same. Relationships were just fine, I lost a friend and a partner. To sum up, nothing exceptional happened last year. Maybe that is why I felt it just passed me by. Like oops, there goes 2014, Bye!

So this year, I resolve to make a difference. I want to try as many things as possible. Time to leave the conservative me and be open to new ideas this 2015!

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