Looking back on the year that was: 2014

Don’t you think 2014 went by a little too fast? Jeez, I think so too.

Seriously, I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything last year. Travels last year were minimal compared to 2013. Work was same, though I did better, still feels the same. Relationships were just fine, I lost a friend and a partner. To sum up, nothing exceptional happened last year. Maybe that is why I felt it just passed me by. Like oops, there goes 2014, Bye!

So this year, I resolve to make a difference. I want to try as many things as possible. Time to leave the conservative me and be open to new ideas this 2015!

Through the years, I have learned the power of setting goals. It makes me feel more productive and gives me direction.

Just to look back to 2014, here are the goals I have set for myself:


1. Blogging. Well, I have been wanting to blog ever since. I am just not that consistent. I can no longer count how many blogs I’ve created from Easyjournal to BlogSpot to Tumblr to finally this! I am still not consistent, though, I try really hard to maintain this. Aside from this blog, I was able to snag a part time blogger position last year (2014), which I eventually resigned from. Deadlines are just, ugh, not for me.

2. Graduate School. This was the plan since I graduated in 2011. But something always, always gets in the way. But last year, I was ready and all. I did my research and completed my requirements. I am planning to enroll for 2nd semester in Ateneo, but when I got there, the officer said that just this 2014, due to the change in the curriculum, they no longer accept applicants for 2nd sem for MA in Psychology.  So for now, I have to hold on to my requirements and make sure to pass it all this year.

3. Fun Run. I’ve been wanting to join fun runs since 2013. There were few attempts last year (2014), but same as above, something always gets in the way. Will still put it on my goals this 2015.

4. Travel. Achieved! Though a little less than 2013. (2013 was my travel year so far) In 2014, I was able to go to Malaysia, Zambales and Boracay. Due to my impulsiveness, I thought of resigning from work by July, I used up all my VLs first half of the year. So, imagine I worked my ass off the second half of the year, with no travel at all!

5. Bills. Well, I can say, I’ve been responsible this year in paying bills. I started contributing to the bills at home, though not that much, still a contribution is a help. Plus, I started to pay for my own life insurance and set aside a travel fund account.

6. Yoga. Achieved! Tried Led Ashtanga for a couple of sessions since Yoga Plus had a promo back in July and August. But still aiming to try the Anti-gravity Yoga.

7. Drive. Achieved! Enrolled in a driving school and got my license as well. Though, I still don’t drive to work, my dad doesn’t want me to drive his car. So you can say my driving lessons were pretty useless.

So there! Well, it seems that I have accomplished most of the goals that I have set for myself last 2014. Can’t wait to set new goals for this year!


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