Love in 2015

I don’t know but I am feeling extremely positive this 2015. Maybe because it is still the beginning. Beginnings make us feel hopeful, right?

This year, I feel like I am going to love again. Not romantically, but I will be in love with life in general. In 2014, I ended a long time relationship with my partner. And though we broke up a couple of times back, I am very sure now that there’s no going back. Maybe I feel very positive this year because I am not attached again. I can do things on my own again and spend more time with my family and friends.

I don’t want to be romantically involved this 2015. Though I want to date again, I want to take it slow this time. I rethink about my relationships for the previous years, and I realized that I am not yet ready to fully commit to someone else. I realized it would take a lot of effort to sustain a relationship. I don’t think I am ready to give everything I got right now. I want to make myself feel complete first before I enter anything that would require myself. I want to become better this year. To engage in a lot of activities and conversation with people. I want to learn a lot from the people I will interact with.

I am claiming it as early as now, that this 2015 I will fall in love. I will fall in love with places I’ve never been to. I will fall in love with deep conversation with people. I will fall in love with life and I will be in love with myself.


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