And I am back (for realzzz)

Hello blog!

I am back after being away for so long. Things got busy at work and there had been some changes that I’m excited to share. So far, 2015 has been a good year for me. I would just make an outline of what I will post for the next coming days.



1. I would have to copy first my entries from my other blog: Hongkong and Shenzhen.

2. Nagsasa Cove (last year)

3. Cebu and Sinulog

4. La Union

5. El Nido

6. Sagada

7. Vietnam and Cambodia

8. Bacolod



1. Pinto Art Museum

2. Fit Food Manila

3. SubSpace

4. Caffera


Grabe, super back log! Hahaha. That’s all I can think for now. Excited to write ’em down. But I am still at work. So I’ll do it some other time! 🙂


♥ Andrea



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