Comfort Zone

For someone who is afraid of changes and of taking risks,  leaving my comfort zone is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. You know when you are already accustomed to the people and the environment and all of a sudden it will all change. That’s what I was scared of. To have to start all over again.

But as what they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. You have to get out of it and explore your opportunities. This does not only apply to work, but in life in general.

If you are young and able, I dare you to go out of your usual routine, be it on a simple matter or not. If you are used to ordering a Frappuccino in Starbucks, why don’t you try a Hot White Chocolate Mocha instead. You may like your decision or not, but at the end of it one thing is guaranteed: You will learn from it.

After I submitted my resignation last month and left the building on my last day of work (from a company I’ve been with for 4 years), I felt nervous and scared but above all, I feel energized. I feel courageous for leaving what doesn’t work for me anymore. I feel bold for leaving the old and starting anew. Somehow, I’ve learned to let go. I never thought I would leave my previous work, the first company I’ve worked for after college. But sometimes, you have to leave things, places and/or people to grow and to learn and to be better.

Whether I stay here in my new company for far longer than I worked with my previous company or if I decided to move to another job or move to a different country, one thing is certain, I have overcame the fear of leaving things behind. And it applies to everything in my life. I left the people who did me wrong. I left a relationship that I know was dysfunctional all along. I left the bitterness in the past and moved on.

In the end, it’ll always be worth it. You may not know exactly where the roads will take you, but a single step is always better than not taking one.

♥ Andrea



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