The Sunday Currently | 04

Photo: Throwback to Davao (July 2013)
Photo: Throwback to Davao (July 2013)

My fourth TSC post, whaddup!? Technically, it is already a Monday here in the Philippines, but it is still a Sunday on the other side of the world. So this is still valid. ūüôā It was a long weekend for us, no work tomorrow, more time for blogging and for play. Anyway, last week was fast. Can’t even remember things that happened during the weekdays, but yesterday was good, I watched an indie film in UP Cine Adarna entitled Ang Kwento nating Dalawa, check out my review here. That might be the highlight of my entire week. Hoping for a better week ahead ūüôā


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Review: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa


DISCLAIMER: Spoilers ahead.

This is the first time I will write a movie review, except of course the one you’re required to do in school after a film showing. I have tons of lazily constructed movie reviews back in school, the kind of work that you finish in a couple of minutes without thinking, just basically narrating what you have seen and inserting some few points to share (para wala, magmukhang matalino lang).

I don’t really¬†know how to give a proper movie review (don’t judge). And I don’t claim to be a movie critic either.¬†Perhaps, I can just share some observations and comments I had about the¬†movie.

First, why did I watch the movie?

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The Ultimate Taste Test!

IMG_4087 IMG_4086IMG_4074 IMG_4077IMG_4093 IMG_4066IMG_4083 IMG_4084IMG_4085 IMG_4073

These were taken at The Ultimate Taste Test 2013 in Rockwell. It’s been, what, 2 years already. I missed last year’s event, but I would not definitely miss this year’s.

I just learned that The Ultimate Taste Test 2015 will be happening this Sept 12, 2015 at the Glorietta Activity Center. I looked it up, knowing that it usually happens in September. And I was just right in time to buy my ticket! And it is also timely, to share these photos with you.

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Sunday Currently | 03

About the photo: My favorite photo of Makati City taken from the 7F of JPMC Bldg in Taguig.
About the photo: My favorite photo of Makati City taken from the 7F of JPMC Bldg in Taguig. Because I am currently missing this view with the most awesome people.

Yaaay! 3rd volume of The Sunday Currently. We just had a long weekend and another one coming up in two weeks! I started last week with a fever, my first absence from work. Hopefully, this week will be a better one. Yesterday was a jam-packed Saturday for me. Met my former¬†officemates¬†to join them on their team lunch at Vikings, Megamall, then went to Meralco gym for¬†the volleyball game of my former teammates. I still miss playing volleyball. It was my first love. Then went to Trinoma to grab dinner with my parents at our new favorite place, Katsu-Sora. Then went to Ayala Terraces to have a business meeting. Wow, that was a productive day for me, from social to passion to family and friends. All covered. How ’bout your weekend, guys? Hope, it was good too!

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My first Thought Catalog article!


One of things in my bucket list, crossed out.

I discovered my love for writing back when I was in high school. It was when I got a taste of my first heartbreak (which was just a puppy love) that I found comfort in writing. I wrote poems and essays about love and life that I know at age 15.

Eventually, my love for writing has grown. I initially wanted to write for a magazine, but it wasn’t achievable¬†because I don’t have the credentials to get in. Luckily, in this generation, you don’t need a degree in writing to start a blog or to share your talent.¬†So, I started a blog to serve as my platform in writing. Though I’m not really sure if there are readers here, I mainly write here because I want to have a place where I can let go of my inhibitions and share what I love to do.

And as a writer, of course you’d want to get better at it and eventually broaden your audience. So as an avid reader of Thought Catalog, I tried my luck and¬†submitted an article to¬†them early this August and in less than a week, I got a response from them saying that they have published my article online already! It was such a happy moment for me. It is like a milestone that I’ve conquered. Though, the topic I have chosen was a little shallow, it was the safest article for me to submit. I mean, I don’t want to submit anything too personal. I want something general that most people can relate to. So I rummaged my old notebooks, posts, doodles and I found this article.

I wrote this article last year (2014). I remember being told that I have a big ego because I never tell or show people that I love them. When I like someone, I don’t treat them nicely, which is weird. But I think that was my defense mechanism because I don’t want to appear easy and vulnerable¬†to them. So to my defense, I wrote this article so that people can understand me better, and for lack of better terms,¬† I used ‘A Girl With A Big Ego’ to describe myself, so some people can relate to it as well. I would like to think I am not the only one who is like this.¬†Hahaha!

I am aiming to submit more articles, probably, once a month. Now, I am thinking what could be my next topic for September. Hmm. Suggestions?

By the way, you can read the full article here.

‚ô• Andrea

The Sunday Currently | 02

Photo: Taken at Isabelo's Garden in Marikina. This was on my 23rd birthday.
Photo: Taken at Isabelo’s Garden in Marikina. This was on my 23rd birthday.

Hello! I am currently on my 2nd volume of The Sunday Currently. I was looking forward to do this for the entire week! Finally, it’s Sunday once again!

So, today’s kind of a long day for me. I went out with my friends last night. We don’t have a concrete plan for last night, we ended up at Turtles at 1AM. Unfortunately, they’re only open until 3AM, so we went to our friends place to continue drinking. We wrapped up our session around 7AM. Then we slept til afternoon, then went home at around 2PM. My family has a dinner reservation at Niu, in SM Aura around 6:30PM. We just got back home from that dinner. Though, I am dead tired, I found time to do this.

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National Bookstore’s Great Warehouse Sale


Every year, National Bookstore opens its doors to all the book-ish, bookworms, bibliophiles out there by gracing this Great Warehouse Sale event that takes place in their Quezon Avenue branch.

This year, I am happy to be part of the said event. The door opens at 9:00 in the morning. And I was there a little before 8:30AM. It was a Friday morning, I¬†was expecting less people because it is a workday, plus who will fall in line that early on a Friday and who will travel all the way to Quezon Avenue just to hoard books. Boy, was I wrong. I guess, I was not alone¬†with this thought. Continue reading “National Bookstore’s Great Warehouse Sale”

Words to Live By of a 24-Year Old Kid

National Monument, Kuala Lumpur
National Monument, Kuala Lumpur

24 is all about conquering your fears, following your heart and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Those are the exact words that popped into my thought bubble as I was contemplating about life while taking a shower. I just turned 24. And I really want to make the most out of this year. See, this is the time when you are supposed to live young, wild and free. It dawned on me the endless possibilities in life, as endless as those drops of water touching my skin. It continues to flow until such time I decided to turn it off. Same goes with life, I realized that there are vast range of opportunities around, and the only time that these opportunities will cease, is that time when you stop yourself from getting it.

Really, best life realizations and decisions are made in the shower!

So, this year, the year before I turn into ¬†the infamous age of the so-called quarter-life, I promise to enjoy live¬†life. Travel more, try the things I haven’t done before, especially those¬†in my bucket list (na inugat na sa tagal).¬†I will take risks often, I will talk to strangers (PS not the kaduda-duda strangers, I mean), I will let my guard down and¬†let people in, I will let go of the things that don’t work for me anymore, let go of the anger and forgive, I will let myself fall in love with the person I am not supposed to, just because it feels right. I will step out of the usual, and do things a little different this time.

I am already starting to list¬†the things¬†I would like to try this year. I will take that theatre class that I’ve been wanting to join since 2012, I would dye my hair red or violet or whatever color¬†they said wouldn’t fit me. I would get a tattoo, even if my parents are totally against it. Because it is when you realize that you are in control of your life¬† that you start living it. So to those like me out there who has been afraid of changes and of¬†leaving the ‘comfortable and usual’ setup, I hope you find within yourself the courage to try and risk and live the life you’ve always wanted, regardless of what people will say.

Because as what the pabebe girls said, “Di nyo kami mapipigilan!



The Sunday Currently | 01

About the photo: This was taken on my 22nd birthday, exactly 2 years ago. We dined at Heat Resaturant in Edsa Shangrila Hotel

It is August already! My favorite month, well, because it is my birth month! I usually have a month long celebration, but this year’s probably a little different. I haven’t planned any celebration, except for the one today: lunch with my family. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because my mom’s not feeling well. So we’re still trying to assess if we can have dinner instead. Or if not, we’ll just move it next week.

Anyway, I have decided to try this The Sunday Currently, which I first saw in mainemendoza’s blog. I like challenges that require me to post more frequent in my blog. I tried Photo-A-Day challenge at the start of the year, which I failed to maintain. So hopefully I can keep this updated since I only have to do this once a week.

So, game?

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VietCam 2015: Itinerary and Expenses


I just came back from a weeklong trip to Vietnam and Cambodia and I am very eager to blog about our trip due to a lot of messages I received asking our itinerary and expenses on this trip.

People often has a misconception that travelling is expensive. I thought so too. But after travelling for quite sometime, both local and international, researching and making itineraries, I learned how you can save and still make the most out of your trip.

With that, let me share how we came up with a trip that cost us 20,000 Р25,000 PHP to 2 Asian cities in 6 days.

On this post, I will give you an overview of our expenses and activities in Ho Chi Minh and Siem Reap. And some tips on how you can save on your trip.

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