Dreia-lity bites.

The Sunday Currently | 01

About the photo: This was taken on my 22nd birthday, exactly 2 years ago. We dined at Heat Resaturant in Edsa Shangrila Hotel

It is August already! My favorite month, well, because it is my birth month! I usually have a month long celebration, but this year’s probably a little different. I haven’t planned any celebration, except for the one today: lunch with my family. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because my mom’s not feeling well. So we’re still trying to assess if we can have dinner instead. Or if not, we’ll just move it next week.

Anyway, I have decided to try this The Sunday Currently, which I first saw in mainemendoza’s blog. I like challenges that require me to post more frequent in my blog. I tried Photo-A-Day challenge at the start of the year, which I failed to maintain. So hopefully I can keep this updated since I only have to do this once a week.

So, game?



Other people’s The Sunday Currently! I want to see what people are up to and how they do their Sunday Currently.


This! Aside from this, I am editing some stuff from my previous entry: VietCam 2015: Itinerary and Expenses. Please do read it if you’re interested to do a budget trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.


When I started to write this, I was listening to Shirtsleeve of Ed Sheeran, which now transitions to another song, I Don’t Mind by Usher. That’s in Spotify by the way.


If I will go to this lunch invite or not. Gaaah, it is raining! How can one separates herself from her bed in this weather?


The smell of the rain. How do you call that? There is a term for that, right? I could have googled it, but I like typing this better.


That my mom feels better and that we can have birthday celebration later.


What I am supposed to be wearing for lunch. Forever 21 dress that I bought yesterday just for this lunch/dinner.


Myself. And the fact that I am 24 already. I feel so old but wiser.


To buy an iTouch, because my phone is really being bitchy lately, I can’t open my gallery. Thus, I can’t post anything on Instagram! I want to buy a separate gadget that is only for music and photos. But right now, maybe just a massage will do!


Ohh, I love how I can sort what I want and I need here. It gives me a chance to think about what I really need versus what I just want. Well, maybe what I need right now is… another day off? It is already Monday tomorrow! (I hope I wouldn’t answer this every Sunday. Haha) Why do we only have 2 days off anyway. Why?


I feel that I have to start preparing already, because I am going to that lunch I was talking about earlier. I have thought about it already while I was writing this. Plus, the weather cooperated. It stopped. So yes, I am going.

And… that’s it! Excited to do my next The Sunday Currently. Have a great day, guys!

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♥ Andrea