National Bookstore’s Great Warehouse Sale


Every year, National Bookstore opens its doors to all the book-ish, bookworms, bibliophiles out there by gracing this Great Warehouse Sale event that takes place in their Quezon Avenue branch.

This year, I am happy to be part of the said event. The door opens at 9:00 in the morning. And I was there a little before 8:30AM. It was a Friday morning, I was expecting less people because it is a workday, plus who will fall in line that early on a Friday and who will travel all the way to Quezon Avenue just to hoard books. Boy, was I wrong. I guess, I was not alone with this thought.

Hello, people!
Hello, people!

The line going inside the warehouse was long, so it is better to come in early. In the morning, the cashiers are still fast-moving until, maybe, early in the afternoon. I have a friend who went there at 2PM, she fell in line to the cashier’s for almost 2 hours. Geez.

It was the event’s 3rd day, so I wasn’t expecting to get a lot of books. The place tried to be organized, the shelves are arranged according to prices, but of course the books are all scattered everywhere!

I found the Ignite Me book by Tahereh Mafi (luckily, I have the 1st book of the trilogy: Shatter Me)under the P1000 shelf, but got it for P75 only!

I also saw a girl, while on the queue to the cashier, who has The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks on her basket. I asked her if she got it for sale, she said yes and guess what… she asked if I want it. IF I WANT THE LONGEST RIDE BOOK. I initially said no (I dunno why, out of courtesy maybe?), then she said, she’s going to shove it back to the shelves anyway because she’s not going to get it. So, yes, I took it! And said thanks to her. Got it for P150!

Other books that I bought are: The Little Prince, Overbite by Meg Cabot, Intimate Letters of Young Lovers, Spooky (Science Tackles the After Life), One Month to Live, And Baby Makes Two and Tall, Thin and Blonde by Dyan Sheldon, L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad and Why Didn’t I Think of That. In total, I bought 11 books for P800!!!

Happy Kid, right here.
Happy Kid, right here.

The National Bookstore Great Warehouse Sale runs from Aug 13 – 18 at the 4/F of National Bookstore, Quezon Avenue branch.


  1. Bring mask or hanky. The books are dusty and so the whole place.
  2. Bring water. I though at one point that I am going to faint because of the crowd and the dust.
  3. It would be best to not bring the kids.
  4. Search all the corners of the warehouse! Bring lots of patience! 🙂

Goodluck on your finds!

♥ Andrea

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