The Sunday Currently | 02

Photo: Taken at Isabelo's Garden in Marikina. This was on my 23rd birthday.
Photo: Taken at Isabelo’s Garden in Marikina. This was on my 23rd birthday.

Hello! I am currently on my 2nd volume of The Sunday Currently. I was looking forward to do this for the entire week! Finally, it’s Sunday once again!

So, today’s kind of a long day for me. I went out with my friends last night. We don’t have a concrete plan for last night, we ended up at Turtles at 1AM. Unfortunately, they’re only open until 3AM, so we went to our friends place to continue drinking. We wrapped up our session around 7AM. Then we slept til afternoon, then went home at around 2PM. My family has a dinner reservation at Niu, in SM Aura around 6:30PM. We just got back home from that dinner. Though, I am dead tired, I found time to do this.

So, game?



I am currently reading a book that I bought last week ‘Puro Ka Hugot, Ibaon Mo Muna‘. I just saw this on Utot Catalog’s FB page. Since I like some of the posts from Utot Catalog, I thought this book must be good also. And it is. I like reading poems and stories with feels, so I’m glad I bought it. Plus, we should support local writers and start-up writers. 🙂 Once I am done with it, I will read The Longest Ride next. I have so many pending books to read, those books that I bought from the National Bookstore Great Warehouse Sale! Weeee. Excited to read them all!


Nothing, aside from this.


To Forevermore. My sister’s watching the Aldub episode in Eat Bulaga last Saturday.


About uploading my photo taken at Niu earlier to my Instagram account.


Nothing. It is totally odorless here in my room.


That I won’t get sick this week. Can’t afford to be out of office this week. I have deadlines!


My forever 21 dress that has daisies printed on it. The dress doesn’t look flattering, I look like pregnant earlier at the mall.


you til we’re 70! HAHAHA! Corny ko ba?


To buy the Roasted Chocolate Cake from Honeybee.


I seriously need to have my phone checked. First, my gallery was not opening. I figured out it was because my phone storage was full already. Now, my phone won’t charge! I am literally phone-less (?) right now. How cool was that?


A LOT, man! First, I feel hungover from last night ’til early morning drinking session. Second, I lost my appetite. Imagine, we ate at a buffet restaurant earlier and I only went back to the stations thrice. (First: Japanese food. Second: American food. Third: dessert. And that was it.) I feel like there’s something wrong inside of me. I am probably sick or something, like this is probably a symptom for something else (hopefully, not.). Third, I am feeling under the weather. I took Paracetamol already but my head’s still heavy and I feel hot inside. I think these are all because I drank last night and my body’s no longer used to it.

That’s it, fellas. Have to catch up some sleep. Goodnight!

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♥ Andrea

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