Sunday Currently | 03

About the photo: My favorite photo of Makati City taken from the 7F of JPMC Bldg in Taguig.
About the photo: My favorite photo of Makati City taken from the 7F of JPMC Bldg in Taguig. Because I am currently missing this view with the most awesome people.

Yaaay! 3rd volume of The Sunday Currently. We just had a long weekend and another one coming up in two weeks! I started last week with a fever, my first absence from work. Hopefully, this week will be a better one. Yesterday was a jam-packed Saturday for me. Met my former officemates to join them on their team lunch at Vikings, Megamall, then went to Meralco gym for the volleyball game of my former teammates. I still miss playing volleyball. It was my first love. Then went to Trinoma to grab dinner with my parents at our new favorite place, Katsu-Sora. Then went to Ayala Terraces to have a business meeting. Wow, that was a productive day for me, from social to passion to family and friends. All covered. How ’bout your weekend, guys? Hope, it was good too!

So, game?



The Year We Became Invincible by Mae Coyiuto.


This. And my Viet-Cam article to be submitted to Two Monkeys Travel Group.


When She Cries by Restless Heart. Ultimate throwback song to College Freshmen Days. On the way to UAAP games, in the shuttle, this is one of my songs on repeat on my mp3. Alongside with Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie. Nostalgic.


What other productive things should I do with my time. And how to make the most of the 24th year.




For me to follow through my plans. And to have lots of money. Hahahaha


My blue pantulog dress.


The coloring book app! I downloaded 2 of them. Stress reliever!!!


Still wanting… that newly released iTouch. One of these days!


Mani-pedi session. Maybe later. My dry skin already wants to be removed.


Quite better than the last few days. I’ve been sickly recently and been complaining a lot about body aches. But good thing, I’ve regained my appetite already so hopefully that’s a start.

That’s it! Have a great day ahead.

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♥ Andrea

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