Things That I Will Tell These College Students

After a while, I went back to USTe to request for my Transcript of Records. I am an alumna of the University for almost 5 years now. And I will tell you, everytime I go back to USTe, the feels are just so strong. It’s a mixture of nostalgia and envy. Everytime I will walk at the pathwalk, I feel like I am a freshman student again, walking fast, for I may be late to class, and at the same time breathing all of the unfamiliarity of the University, like seeing it and discovering it for the first time. Every time, I see a college student walking or sitting, I have this urge of coming up to her and tell her to enjoy her college life and make the most out of it. Because in one blink of an eye, it is all over. And you can never go back.

So there, while I was feeling nostalgic on the ride home, I thought of blogging my thoughts. What could I probably tell my young, innocent, 16 year old self about college. Now that I am an adult (or feeling adult, haha) I might have some good advice, noh?

  1. Take a lot of photos but not to the extent that you don’t enjoy the present. 

The college students nowadays are fortunate, they have smartphones and a lot of social media apps (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc), there are a lot of ways to store your memories in college. Unlike in our time, were already happy with a crappy low resolution photo. Unless someone has an SLR.  But it doesn’t matter. What I’m just saying is try to capture every important moment in college, because you will certainly treasure it afterwards. But, do not forget to enjoy the present, too. Do not get too attached with your phone. Because the moments that you let off, are moments you cannot take back. So go to that University concert, join your block’s inuman session (lol, I mean bonding session), hang out with your bestfriend or barkada often, do sleepovers. Enjoy! And keep a remembrance.

2. Do not settle.

College is such a fun and crazy 4 years of your life. And the University is a big, big place to explore. Do not settle. Enjoy the 4 years of your life by going out with a lot of people. Date people you like, you kinda like and even people you don’t like. Get to know a lot of people and learn from them. Yes, it is fun to have someone to cuddle with at the Lover’s Lane, especially at night (loljk), and it’s cute to receive flowers during Valentines, and have everyone look at you with envious eyes as you walk from your building to the gate in Espana. But, younger self, I think it is better to just enjoy college by yourself, with your friends, with you suitors (yes, madami? hahaha). Than to be with just one person most of the time. But well, if you think that you really found the one for you in college, then go ahead. Just please, do not forget your friends. Cos I will bet, 90% of the time, college lovers don’t end up together. So better keep your college buddies.

3. Join organizations and go follow your passion. 

College is not all about academics. And it is not just all about you and your blockmates. There are a lot of people in the University, get to know someone from a different college, a different block or a different year level. You can do that by joining organizations. Choose the one that supports your passion. And you will feel college is a happier place. I will tell my younger self to pursue Artistang Artlet or write for the college paper. Maybe, I met a lot of people who share the same passion and maybe, just maybe my career path is different.

4. Make the most out of it.

I cannot reiterate it more. But, please just enjoy your college life. Make moments instead of just waiting for things to happen. Maybe write a college bucketlist, so you will get excited to accomplish them. Eat at different places, don’t just stick with Mcdonalds every time. Try the carinderia outside (just make sure they’re clean). Explore your own University. Go to the library. Be present. Live in the moment.

5. And of course, don’t forget to study. 

College isn’t all about fun and crazy. You came to school because you need to finish it and get a degree. Do not take your studies for granted. It is not fun to see your blockmates move forward and you have to repeat a semester. You have to balance studies and your social life and your extra curricular activities. It’s okay to party and have fun, but show up on your class tomorrow (you are young, your body can make it! Don’t complain. Older people cannot party hard and show up at work the following day. They’ll have super bad hangovers). If you’re not rooing for a Cum Laude spot, just make sure you pass your course and show up at school. One thing that you have to avoid is to miss school. You have all the time after college. You don’t have to come to school after college. But there is work, and work is an entirely different story. I’m not going to talk about it.


That’s all that I can think for now. At least, I am able to let it all out. Cause I was getting so nostalgic and sad earlier. College life is really fun!!! I WANNA GO BACKKKKK HUHU.




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