2016 Plans and What-nots

I was going through my drafts and found this. I continued writing it even though it is 4 months late. What do they say, better late than never?

January is actually one of my favorite months. Because it is the beginning of the year, and every beginning comes with hope. Hope that the upcoming year is going to be awesome.

To be honest, I wasn’t as thrilled when New Year came as I was on the previous years. That is because of my health condition (please see previous post).

I’ve been feeling very low for the past few days, but I think today’s going to be different. First, I am blogging again, so I am definitely trying desperately to be back to normal again. Second, I will be enumerating what I am aiming for this upcoming year. (To be honest, the past few days, I can’t even bring myself to think about the next 5 days, and here I am trying to list down my goals for this year)

  1. Be my old jolly, happy and positive self.

This is going to be on top of my list. I realized that I must always strive to be positive at all times, yes even at the lowest moments. Because if I let bad thoughts affect me, everything in my life will be affected: my body, my relationship with the people around me, and my life in general. I’ve experienced a very challenging month and I almost lose it. But I don’t want it to get into me. I want my old jolly, happy and positive self so I could accomplish the next numbers on this list.

2. Travel

This cannot be not included in the list. Every year, I try to travel to new places. It is some kind of therapy for me. To explore a new city, to see new highways and establishments and just to be on a plane or a bus to somewhere makes me happy. Last year and 2013 were the best travel years for me. And I hope 2016 will be too. So far, I have booked a flight to Boracay (for the nth time) on April, then Taipei on July and Davao (again) on August, this time for the Kadayawan Festival. And lastly to Butuan City as I am planning to go to the Enchanted River. It’s good to have this as something to look forward to.

3. Graduate Studies

I know, I’ve been delaying this for a couple of years now. But really, this year, I will push through with it. I’m considering La Salle this time. I was so sure that I will take it in Ateneo, but plans do change. I will start to work on the requirements as soon as I settled in my new job. (Yes, I am transferring to a new workplace!)

4. Health and Fitness

I am not getting any younger. My metabolism is getting slower and slower. And thus, I have to be wise in my food intake or all these fats and cholesterol will soon be clogging my arteries. I have to start by eating veggies. So far, I learned to eat leafy vegetables like lettuce (it was actually yummy!), I also drink broccoli juice (yummy!). Looking forward to meet and greet other vegetables. I am also convincing my self to exercise regularly, whether walk or run for 30 mins a day. Do a bit of core exercise and go back to yoga! I learned that meditation is as important as physical exercise, we also need to take care of our mind.

5. Quarter life

After my 24th birthday last year, I was already thinking of how I will celebrate my 25th birthday. It’s an important birthday for me because I am finally entering the so-called “quarter life”. And I would like to celebrate it differently than my previous birthdays. The last few years, I celebrated my birthday by drinking and partying with friends. This year, it is time to give back to others. I received a lot of blessings from God for the past few years and I wanted to share it to the less fortunate. I am still deciding whether to celebrate it with children or with the lolos and lolas. Or maybe both?

 Aside from that, I am thinking of treating myself to a place I’ve never been to. I hope for a solo travel, but I doubt my parents would allow me . (I know, I am 25 but I still listen to my parents, of course!)

6. Buy a car

When I was young, whenever I was asked to visualize what do I see in 5 or 10 years, I always see myself driving alone along Commonwealth Avenue with coffee and newspaper on the passenger seat. And I told myself when I started working that by 25 I must make it happen. So, I’m putting it here in my 2016 plans. Well, maybe not my own car. My family’s deciding to trade in our car for a much bigger car and I told my parents that I will help out with the monthly payments of the new car. That’s the closest that I can get from buying a car. I’m still hoping I can buy my own, maybe not this year though.

7. Investments

2 years ago, I made a good decision of getting myself a life insurance (protection + savings). I am thinking of increasing my coverage or getting a new one solely for savings. Also this year, I promised to push through with COL financial (stocks), that was the plan a year ago, and until now I haven’t invested in it yet. Imagine what it could have accrued over the course of a year. Anyway, I should start it ASAP. Another investment I consider is getting my sister a health card for consultation. She is soon to be doctor, but it doesn’t mean that she cannot get sick. I want her to be covered if she feels the need of consulting a specialist. Maybe I’ll get my mom and dad, too!

8. Write

I lost my drive in writing towards the end of the 2015. Last December, I was interviewed by Booky Manila for a full time post, but I cannot leave my job at that time. I was aiming for a part time job only. So I have to let it go. It was something that I regret. But after that, I stopped submitting my articles online. I had a pending application with When In Manila but I did not pursue it. So this year, I plan on submitting my articles again (I just submitted one today to Rappler). I will also update this blog with my travels and food-scapades. Writing relaxes me, so I therefore need to write more! Write. Write. Write… This 2016!

These are my goals so far. I must get back to this at the end of the year to see how many of these I was able to accomplish.

Love, Andrea

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