Seriously, the hardest part of creating a blog is picking a theme… and, well, introducing myself.

I don’t know how you start off telling something about yourself without sounding like a candidate on a job interview.  But here, let me share some things I am passionate about:

I love to travel. Just planning and researching itineraries make me high. The feeling of walking into an airport, waiting, then eventually walking towards your plane is euphoria. I love the feeling of setting foot into a place I have never been before, interacting with people with a different language, seeing different culture and collecting souvenirs. I make it a point to travel every year locally and at least one country every year. This madness started when I graduated from college, year 2011. And it has been my mission since then.

I also love eating, both with my mouth and my eyes. I love places with nice interiors or how Generation Y refer it as ‘instagrammable places’. I like going to coffee shops. My favorite food haven would be Maginhawa in Quezon City, Kapitolyo in Pasig, Lacson in Bacolod City. I also made it my mission to try as many artsy stores as I can. And of course to Instagram and blog it afterwards.

I love writing. That’s why I created a blog. This is my 3rd blog in WordPress, and probably my 5th blog host site. I had Easyjournal, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Xanga before. But I have a hard time maintaining it. This one, hopefully, would last. I write about anything, but mostly my experiences, the places I’ve been to, my thoughts, basically anything under the sun. My favorite bloggers are: Saab Magalona, Tracy Ayson and Lara Murallos.

There you have a glimpse of what my life is mostly about. But the best way to get to know me more is to read my blog. I will try to update it as often as possible. See you!

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