1. Read 500 books
  2. Do an Audition
  3. Maintain a blog
  4. Write an article, then have it published
  5. Pursue grad studies
  6. Perform in a theatre stage
  7. Have a dinner/sunset cruise
  8. Skydiving
  9. Watch a concert
  10. Be seen on TV
  11. Have my own car, from my own money.
  12. Have my dream house built
  13. Have a baby before Papa turns 70.
  14. Have a portrait of my parents painted/drawn
  15. Marry in a church
  16. Watch a movie alone in the moviehouse
  17. Spend New Year’s eve in a different country
  18. Unplanned roadtrip to nowhere in particular
  19. Have my hair dyed red/violet or something unusual
  20. Maintain a blog
  21. Have my own library/shelf of books
  22. Be a known blogger
  23. Try Anti-gravity yoga!
  24. Create my dream board
  25. Eat all or 75% of Maginahawa restaurants
  26. Achieve my travel goals (below)


  1. Walk in the Great Wall of China
  2. Have a picture taken in Eiffel Tower
  3. Visit museums in Paris
  4. Spend Christmas in the NY Times Square
  5. Visit the places I’ve read in books: Seattle (Fifty Shades), New Jersey (Nick and Norah’s), Paris (Anna and the French Kiss), North Carolina (Nicholas Sparks’ books)
  6. Have my honeymoon in Bali
  7. Coffeeshop hopping in Hong Kong.
  8. Have a photo taken with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland
  9. Explore the Angkor Wat
  10. Get in between Petronas Twin Tower
  11. Visit at least 30 provinces in the Philippines
  12. Swim with Butanding
  13. Cliff diving
  14. Machu Picchu!
  15. Spelunking in Sagada
  16. Watch sunrise in Kiltepan
  17. Take a photo of the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro
  18. Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  19. Try the Night Market in Taipei
  20. Visit South Korea’s telenovela places
  21. Swim in the Marina Bay Sands rooftop pool
  22. Ride an elephant in Thailand or Cambodia
  23. Try streetfood and coffee in Vietnam
  24. Ride a cable car
  25. Travel to another country with my family, all four of us.

Will add some more, next time!


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