Neil’s Kitchen: Date Night

For someone who’s always on the lookout for artsy restaurants, I didn’t let Neil’s Restaurant escape my radar. I found out about Neil’s Kitchen through Instagram. When I saw their beautiful interior in photos, I knew I have to visit this restaurant. I have made several attempts to go to Neil’s Kitchen, but being a Northern girl (Far-view, represent!), I have to consider the time and means to go to South.

Finally, I found the perfect occasion to see Neil’s Kitchen for myself, and it was no other than: Valentines Day! We celebrated Valentines 3 days after the 14th because we didn’t want to join the flock of couples celebrating on the date itself.

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February Foodie


After a stressful January, I welcomed February with a more positive perspective. January was really a challenge for me and admittedly I lost couple of pounds (not the kind that you wished for). I looked thin and dry and well, stressed. So as part of getting myself back together after my anxiety episodes, I just had to regain the fats that I’ve lost. However, I must have overdone it.

Over the course of a month, I’ve put back my lost weight plus some unnecessary fats. And here are the culprits…

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Bacolod City: Your next food trip destination!

Disclaimer: Long post

It was in 2013 when my sister booked us a ticket to Bacolod City for a week-long vacation. I don’t have any idea what is in Bacolod City, except for Calea. So I was ecstatic upon knowing that finally I will get to taste the cakes from Calea! I didn’t know that I was in for a bigger surprise.

October 2013, when we landed at Silay Airport, I was shocked when we were greeted by loud music from people wearing masks, drumming their heart out in a festive tune in the airport. Man, it turned out it was Masskara Festival! And my sister didn’t even bother to tell me. I thought I was just going to eat for the whole week (which is not a problem with me)!

Masskara was my first festival, and it has been my favorite festival since then. After that week-long vacation, I have fallen in love with Bacolod. I love the festival, the people and especially the food! And to prove that point, I’ve been there 3 times already since 2013.

There are a lot of reasons to love Bacolod, but on the top of my list will always be their food. During that vacation, I learned that Bacolod is the Sugar Capital of the Philippines! No wonder restaurants and cake shops are everywhere! My favorite street is Lacson Street, where the Masskara Parade was also held. If you’re ready to gain a little weight, then come and visit Bacolod!

Here are the some of the restaurants we’ve tried in Bacolod

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The Ultimate Taste Test!

IMG_4087 IMG_4086IMG_4074 IMG_4077IMG_4093 IMG_4066IMG_4083 IMG_4084IMG_4085 IMG_4073

These were taken at The Ultimate Taste Test 2013 in Rockwell. It’s been, what, 2 years already. I missed last year’s event, but I would not definitely miss this year’s.

I just learned that The Ultimate Taste Test 2015 will be happening this Sept 12, 2015 at the Glorietta Activity Center. I looked it up, knowing that it usually happens in September. And I was just right in time to buy my ticket! And it is also timely, to share these photos with you.

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Break-up buddy: Carmen’s Best

We’ve all been through a break up, right? Whether it is a relationship, a pseudo-relationship, a fling, or sige na nga, Friends With Benefits (haha!). Whether there is a commitiment or none, if it ends it all hurts just the same.

I will not give you a step-by-step procedure how to get over a lost love, I am no expert on that matter. I believe, it is relative, something you have to discover on your own. Instead, let me share a universal truth about coping with break-ups: an ice cream is and will always be a good idea.  Yup, this post is about that staple food one must have while venturing on the darker days of their lives (read: heartbreak)



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Isabelo Garden: My 23rd Birthday


Few weeks before I turn 23, I was looking for a place where to celebrate it with my family. Every year, on my birthday, we always dine out since it is more convenient than inviting people over. And this year, I decided to spend it at Isabelo Garden in Marikina. I heard this place quite a few times from my officemates and read about it as one of the best private dining places in the Metro. Of course, curiosity got the best of me. So I booked my reservation for Aug 3, 2014, Sunday before my birthday.

If you’re planning to go to Isabelo, make sure you have a reservation and make sure you have done your research on the directions. It is hidden in the middle of the shoe city and has no signage in the gate (we actually missed the place the first time), so make sure you come in prepared.

Reservations and orders are done thru

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Week 28 of 52: July 7 – July 13, 2014

That week was officially my cheat week! Sudden cravings for Japanese Food, Milk Tea and Cheesecakes!

  • First photo:  I’ve never been fond of maki or Japanese food in general until this April. And when I started liking it, I swear I’ve been addicted. Lately, I’ve been eating maki almost every week, sometimes twice a week. Good thing, there is a cheap stall in our office where I can get a quick fix. But Last Friday, I discovered the best among all the maki I’ve ever tasted: Omakase’s Boston Roll. It has lean bacon inside, that’s why. So for all those who love bacon (I assume, everyone?), I suggest you try this!

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4th of July: Magnum Manila Cafe


Fourth of July. Friday Night. No work! It could have been a perfect Friday if it was not for the traffic and the rain. We planned this few weeks back, since my cousin just got back to the Philippines and the last time we saw each other was almost a year ago. So, we thought it was the perfect date to see each other. Despite me having a terrible cough, we pushed through with the plan.

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Gayuma Ni Maria: Post Valentines Date

February 20, 2013

If you and your partner have been together for a few years now, one of the things you should have learned by now is that Valentines Day is just another day. You don’t have to squeeze yourselves in the jam-packed malls and restaurants, because you know you could always have your date tomorrow, or next week or maybe next month. And it’s all the same.

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Mann Hann: Father’s Day treat


Sundays are meant for families. That’s why every Sunday we try to free up our schedules to hear the mass and eat afterwards. We love Sundays because it is our official cheat day. It gives us the chance to try new restaurants in the area, without shelling out any money (applicable to my sister and I).

But since I already have a job, I find it just right to pay for our food sometimes. So, I proposed one Sunday that we take turns in paying the bill. My father will go first, then me, then my mother. Of course, my older sister is exempted since she is still studying and cannot pay for our meals, unless we want to eat at Mcdonalds. (Kidding, ate!)

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