Alone Time in Manila — Where To Go and What To Do

This was exactly my peg for my 26th birthday. Gone were the days when my birthday celebrations were spent in bars, drinking hard drinks or partying til dawn. On my 26th birthday, I wanted some alone time. I wanted a day to think my life through, evaluate my life choices and reconnect with my interests — those things I don’t usually have time for because, work.

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5 Suggested OOTD Spots in Taipei

Alright, I am one of the guilty users of #OOTD. Hahaha! I love seeing photos of my outfits and I enjoy posing for my OOTDs  (I even have my own trademark OOTD pose lol). So far, the place where I have the most number of OOTDs is in Taipei. And I would share below the best places to take your OOTDs when in Taipei. (Jeez, I just used the word OOTD five times.)

DISCLAIMER: You will see my face in almost all the photos. So unless you can take it, you can press the back button NOW. :p

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Quarter Life is just a Hype.

I don’t know what is the big fuss about turning a quarter year old and why people are making it as if it is some kind of mark or checkpoint in life. While it is true that being 25 means that you are halfway in your 20s –you’re not getting any younger and you should be responsible for your actions– 25 is just a number. Life doesn’t tell you that “hey, you are already 25,  you should accomplish these things in order for you to be accepted to the next level”. This isn’t some sort of a Super Mario game. Life goes on after 25, whether I have met the expectations of the society or not.

I was once so obsessed about my own mental checklist. I have all these must-have’s and should-have’s by age 25, and guess what I haven’t ticked off even half of it, and I am perfectly fine. I realized we all have our own pace and timeline; what works for other people, might not work for me. So what if I get married at 40 or if I don’t get married at all. What if I never obtained my Masters degree just like what I hoped for myself by age 25. Does that mean I am not successful in life? Of course not.

I think the reason why we have a “quarter-life crisis” is because we put too much pressure in ourselves (aggravated by society’s expectation and social media) that we must accomplish something at a certain age or else, we will not be considered successful. Which is, if you ask me, such an awful way to measure success.

So take your time and don’t be pressured about timelines and age. You will get there in your own pace, in the right time. Here, let me just share the 25 things I have learned and the mantras that help me get by at 25.
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9 Things You Can Try When You Can’t Fall Asleep.

It’s funny when I try to remember how easily I can sleep anywhere, be it in a van, in an office chair, in my desk, inside the MRT, anywhere. But early this year I started struggling with sleeping. I thought it was just a simple case of insomnia or maybe I just messed up my body clock due to the holidays. But it wasn’t. There were instances that I go 2 days without sleep. My productivity at work was affected, I lost my appetite and simple activities tire me. It was that worst that I had to seek help from a psychiatrist. I learned then that it was not just insomnia, but I am having hard time sleeping because of anxiety. So I got medication for anti-anxiety and I need to take it for 3 months straight.

Apparently, after my 3-month medication, I still had a hard time sleeping especially on the first week off meds. But I do not want to rely entirely on my meds, I have to help myself too. Here are some of my tactics that help me sleep at night.

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2016 Plans and What-nots

I was going through my drafts and found this. I continued writing it even though it is 4 months late. What do they say, better late than never?

January is actually one of my favorite months. Because it is the beginning of the year, and every beginning comes with hope. Hope that the upcoming year is going to be awesome.

To be honest, I wasn’t as thrilled when New Year came as I was on the previous years. That is because of my health condition (please see previous post).

I’ve been feeling very low for the past few days, but I think today’s going to be different. First, I am blogging again, so I am definitely trying desperately to be back to normal again. Second, I will be enumerating what I am aiming for this upcoming year. (To be honest, the past few days, I can’t even bring myself to think about the next 5 days, and here I am trying to list down my goals for this year)

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Pending blog posts

Since I was too lazy to blog last year, I have lots of catching up to do. Just so I can get it off my head, I will list here the things I need to blog about.


  1. Sagada trip (May, 2015)
  2. El Nido trip (May, 2015)
  3. Viet-Cam detailed blog post (July, 2015)
  4. Baler trip (March, 2016)
  5. Real Surf, Quezon (February, 2016)
  6. Bacolod to Cebu transfer
  7. Cebu (January, 2015)


  1. Where to eat in Cebu
  2. Tweedle Book Cafe
  3. February Foodie
  4. Ultimate Taste Test 2015
  5. Cafe Shibuya
  6. Kapitolyo GastroPark
  7. Box Park Congressional


  1. BenCab Museum
  2. National Museum
  3. PETA workshop (detailed post)
  4.  The day I went Temple Running


  1. New Job
  2. Tips when you cannot sleep.
  3. Some, random realizations


  1. What’s in my bag
  2. What’s in my Kikay Kit
  3. Travel must-haves
  4. Books I finished reading in 2015.
  5. Festivals I’ve been to. (Will wait until after Kadayawan to post this)


There! These are all in my mind that’s why I am having a hard time starting. I don’t know which one to write first. This should keep me busy until my next travel.


Commute Playlist

I just added a new menu to my header which is List. I love listing things because it looks neat and organized. Whenever I have a lot of things in mind, I list down the things that bothers me and everything seems much clearer.

So, while I was on my way to work earlier I thought of the songs I usually listen to to entertain me during my 2-hour travel time. Yes, I travel for 2 hours from Fairview to The Fort (one-way). So music plays a big role to my travel time or else I am stuck listening to people’s stories inside the MRT.

Here let me share my current playlist going to work. These are my favorite songs that I can listen to over and over again:

Fast Car Boyce Avenue ft Kina Grannis

Restart Sam Smith

Youth Troye Sivan

Big Yellow Taxi Counting Crows

One Call Away Charlie Puth

Signal Fire Snow Patrol

Over My Head The Fray

Sana Up Dharma Down

Wanted Hunter Hayes

No Such Thing John Mayer

Love Yourself Justin Bieber

Brighter Than Sunshine Aqualung

Work Rihanna

Sugar We’re Going Down Fall Out Boy

Almost is Never Enough Ariana Grande

There you go! These songs make my 2-hour travel to work worthwhile ❤️

Things That I Will Tell These College Students

After a while, I went back to USTe to request for my Transcript of Records. I am an alumna of the University for almost 5 years now. And I will tell you, everytime I go back to USTe, the feels are just so strong. It’s a mixture of nostalgia and envy. Everytime I will walk at the pathwalk, I feel like I am a freshman student again, walking fast, for I may be late to class, and at the same time breathing all of the unfamiliarity of the University, like seeing it and discovering it for the first time. Every time, I see a college student walking or sitting, I have this urge of coming up to her and tell her to enjoy her college life and make the most out of it. Because in one blink of an eye, it is all over. And you can never go back.

So there, while I was feeling nostalgic on the ride home, I thought of blogging my thoughts. What could I probably tell my young, innocent, 16 year old self about college. Now that I am an adult (or feeling adult, haha) I might have some good advice, noh?

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How to be Financially Smart in your 20’s.

Nobody taught me why I should save or how I should save. It all came naturally to me, when I got my first paycheck, I just knew not to spend all of it. I went to the nearest bank opened up a savings account and put at least 20% of my salary there. It was not hard at first. Coming straight from college, I am used to just spending money for transportation and food enough to be full for a day. But as time goes by, you start paying  bills, opening a credit card, purchasing things you don’t necessarily need and thus saving becomes hard.

After almost 5 years of working, I am proud to say that I still have my savings and I still manage to buy things I want, travel to places I’d like to go, pay my bills, etc. So how did I do it? I am no expert on money matters, but I can say that I’m doing pretty good at it.

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How to be Pretentiously Artsy in Pinto Art Museum

I didn’t know that we have a Museum Month here in the Philippines. But in time for that celebration, I would like to share some photos from my favorite museum: Pinto Art Museum.

I have always enjoyed going to museums. I’ve been to Negros Museum, Metropolitan Museum, National Museum and War Remnants Museum in Vietnam to name some. But Pinto Art Museum is my favorite so far. I first saw it from Tracy Ayson’s blog early this year then it has been all over my feeds since then. So last April, I went to see it for myself. And I was not disappointed.

Here, let me share some of my photos…

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Things to do in Bacolod City


Yes, I am bitter over the fact that Masskara Festival just happened there in Bacolod and I was here (in Manila), stuck behind my laptop, finishing my deliverables and strolling through my feeds seeing people enjoying the festival. As much as I would like to be there and celebrate my favorite festival, I cannot do anything but reminisce some good ‘ol memories from the City of Smiles.

I didn’t really know what is in Bacolod until I was lucky enough to be asked by my sister to come with her last October 2013. It was on time for the Masskara festival and after our 1 week stay in the province of Negros, I was more than glad to return anytime soon. So if you find yourself booking a ticket down the South, try to put Bacolod in your to-go list, too.

Here are some of the things you could do to maximize your stay in Bacolod:

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Things to do this 2015:

1. Travel

Got one for January! I am bound to Cebu this 3rd week of January for — you guessed it  — SINULOG! Yay! It will be my first time in Cebu, so I will be staying there for a week! Talk about getting deprived of vacation last year. I have another travel lined up this year which is my Vietnam-Cambodia trip in July which I hope will push through. We were able to book the MNL to Ho Chih Minh only. We are to book the one back to MNL on the next seat sale pa. Then few annual trips, one in summer, and the other one with my college friends.

2. Get fit.

Or fat. Hahaha. Will be back doing yoga this year, or probably at the latter part of the year, will go back to circuit training at Curves. But target date for yoga will be the first quarter of 2015. And probably will join some fun runs here and there.

3. Drive

Now that I got my license, I should drive more often. Especially due to number 4.

4. Graduate Studies

Hopefullyyy, this will push through this year. I have been delaying this since 2012. This should be now or never. Hope to pass in ADMU but will submit requirements in UP as well.

5. Date

Yes, kelangan sinisingit to. Hahaha. Well, time to get to know other human beings.

6. Read.

Thinking of challenging myself to read 20 books this year (is that too much?).

7. Blog

Of course, I should maintain this blog this 2015! Especially my other blog. But to be honest, I enjoy blogging here because it’s more personal.

That’s my list so far. Will try to add some more next time.

Looking back on the year that was: 2014

Don’t you think 2014 went by a little too fast? Jeez, I think so too.

Seriously, I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything last year. Travels last year were minimal compared to 2013. Work was same, though I did better, still feels the same. Relationships were just fine, I lost a friend and a partner. To sum up, nothing exceptional happened last year. Maybe that is why I felt it just passed me by. Like oops, there goes 2014, Bye!

So this year, I resolve to make a difference. I want to try as many things as possible. Time to leave the conservative me and be open to new ideas this 2015!

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5 Ways To Know If The Girl With Big Ego Is Into You

While girls are often regarded by men as hard to understand, girls with big ego are ultimately the hardest to decipher. They say things that mean the other, they never let their guards down and they always, always show that their better off alone than to be with you.

So how would you know if she’s into you…?

1. If she tells you.

First and foremost, a girl with a big ego wouldn’t admit her feelings. So if she gets to admit it to you. Man, she’s into you BIG time.

2. If she pushes you away.

While this is something common among girls, a girl with a big ego will prefer seeing you leave than tell you to stay. It is that hard for them to admit that they need someone. So, if she pushes you away, let her by herself for a couple of days. Once you come around and she still entertains you, it is positive.

3. If she says she is not jealous but then she has turned cold.

No girl will admit that they’re jealous. Not even, not ever, the girl with big ego. No, she is not jealous at all (according to her), but watch how she will act after she saw you talk to someone over the phone or after you smile to the girl who keeps on looking at you at the other table. No, she’s not jealous, she will just bat her eyelashes and give you the coldest dinner, ever.

4. If she introduces you to her friends.

To be honest, her friends already know about you before even meeting you, because you are all she talks about when she is with them. She’s bringing you along to show you off to her friends, introduce you to them, while her friends cast their vote in their minds — is he a yay or nay?

5. If she lets her guard down.

That means she trusts you enough to let you in. If she lets you see her vulnerable side, if she opens up to you about her failures and dreams, if she stops putting her best food forward and let you see her as she is… then man, she’s into you.

And if you know she’s into you, please don’t hurt her. Because you don’t know how much courage it took her to let you in. It’s not that she has trust issues, she’s just very protective of her self — of her heart. And if she gives it to you, take good care of it. Because not everyone can have it.

If you hurt her, she will forgive you. She is capable of that. But remember you are dealing with a girl full of ego, she knows well what she deserves. She would rather see you go than let you see that she’s hurt. She can walk out the door and never look back. It doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t love you. She loved you with the best that she can, she just knows when it is enough to walk away.

Tips for the incoming Thomasian Freshmen


  • UST has a very special way of welcoming freshmen. You would walk through the Arch of the Centuries and have a university-wide welcoming event. Aside from that, your own college or society will prepare welcome activities for you guys, so make sure you have a camera handy and ready. Because you wouldn’t want to miss these moments.
  • Do not always eat at the Carpark. Explore the streets of Dapitan, Lacson and P.Noval, or you can even walk as far as P.Campa. You’ll learn that there are A LOT of good carinderias around. Special mention: Do not miss Lovelite and the tusok tusok in Concepcion. If you smoke, the best spot is the kanto of Antonio and try to go to Tapsi for inuman sessions, that place never gets old.
  • Join Organizations! You are lucky that you are studying in a big university. Some colleges/universities don’t have many organizations. Roam around Plaza Mayor during Recruitment week and look for the group you’d like to be part of. Join an organization that is in line with your passion. This is an opportunity to broaden your group of friends and the people you know. Let’s say you are into acting or theater production, you can join Teatro Tomasino or Mediatrix. If you’re good in dancing, you can join your college dance troupe or if you’re that good, might as well join Salinggawi. If you’re good in writing or you are interested to be part of the news team, you can join Thomasians Writers Guild or The Varsitarian. Join as many as you like, pursue what you’re passionate about. College is not just about studies, but also about extra-curricular activities.
  • Recite. Do not hesitate to answer when the teacher asks. This isn’t high school anymore where if you answer incorrectly, your classmates will laugh at you. In college, if you recite, you look smarter and some of your classmates will be glad if you volunteer to answer. That would spare them from being called out to recite.
  • Memorize the UST Hymn. It is not necessary. But I think 30% of UST population only knows the exact lyrics of the UST Hymn. Be proud to be one of them. Plus, you get to sing it if UST wins during UAAP.
  • Try living in a dorm. Even if it’s just a year. It will complete the feeling of the college life. It will give you that sense of independence. And you’ll learn a lot from it. You’ll learn how to save and how to manage your allowance and how to spend wisely. And you will probably meet there you best friends. It is not a joke to live in a house with your friends for one whole year.  You’ll learn their best and not-so-good side.
  • Be prepared during rainy days. I guess, even before you took the USTET, you are fully aware that UST is an island. I wonder why they don’t count it as the 7,108th island in the country. But kidding aside, UST is known as one of the most flooded schools in the Metro, alongside FEU and other universities in U-Belt. So when it is around July or August, make sure you bring your umbrella and boots (Remember, you are no longer in high school, suspension in college is very rare). In addition, be prepared to be stranded inside the school. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it seems, your college will provide your food (just make sure you’re inside your building). And like what most Thomasians say, “Hindi ka Thomasian kung hindi ka sumuong sa baha o na-stranded man lang“. It just became part of the culture.
  • Love your professors and be nice even to the staff (guards, ate and kuya/s) of the school. You’ll learn a lot of things from them.
  • Lastly, enjoy your whole stay. Make a lot of memories. College is just 4 years of your life (or more than 4 years, to some). Don’t rush, I know everyone wants to finish college so we can all earn our own money. But I swear, once you graduate from college, you would want to go back to these 4 years of your life.