The Sunday Currently | 05

About the photo: Macarons at Felicia’s, one of the best known coffee shops in Bacolod.

Hello! It’s been two weeks since my last TSC. I did not forget to make one last week, I just wasn’t able to do it because all of a sudden, my laptop’s charger decided not to function. So, I’ve got no choice but to skip last week.

So here we go…

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The Sunday Currently | 04

Photo: Throwback to Davao (July 2013)
Photo: Throwback to Davao (July 2013)

My fourth TSC post, whaddup!? Technically, it is already a Monday here in the Philippines, but it is still a Sunday on the other side of the world. So this is still valid. 🙂 It was a long weekend for us, no work tomorrow, more time for blogging and for play. Anyway, last week was fast. Can’t even remember things that happened during the weekdays, but yesterday was good, I watched an indie film in UP Cine Adarna entitled Ang Kwento nating Dalawa, check out my review here. That might be the highlight of my entire week. Hoping for a better week ahead 🙂


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Sunday Currently | 03

About the photo: My favorite photo of Makati City taken from the 7F of JPMC Bldg in Taguig.
About the photo: My favorite photo of Makati City taken from the 7F of JPMC Bldg in Taguig. Because I am currently missing this view with the most awesome people.

Yaaay! 3rd volume of The Sunday Currently. We just had a long weekend and another one coming up in two weeks! I started last week with a fever, my first absence from work. Hopefully, this week will be a better one. Yesterday was a jam-packed Saturday for me. Met my former officemates to join them on their team lunch at Vikings, Megamall, then went to Meralco gym for the volleyball game of my former teammates. I still miss playing volleyball. It was my first love. Then went to Trinoma to grab dinner with my parents at our new favorite place, Katsu-Sora. Then went to Ayala Terraces to have a business meeting. Wow, that was a productive day for me, from social to passion to family and friends. All covered. How ’bout your weekend, guys? Hope, it was good too!

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The Sunday Currently | 02

Photo: Taken at Isabelo's Garden in Marikina. This was on my 23rd birthday.
Photo: Taken at Isabelo’s Garden in Marikina. This was on my 23rd birthday.

Hello! I am currently on my 2nd volume of The Sunday Currently. I was looking forward to do this for the entire week! Finally, it’s Sunday once again!

So, today’s kind of a long day for me. I went out with my friends last night. We don’t have a concrete plan for last night, we ended up at Turtles at 1AM. Unfortunately, they’re only open until 3AM, so we went to our friends place to continue drinking. We wrapped up our session around 7AM. Then we slept til afternoon, then went home at around 2PM. My family has a dinner reservation at Niu, in SM Aura around 6:30PM. We just got back home from that dinner. Though, I am dead tired, I found time to do this.

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The Sunday Currently | 01

About the photo: This was taken on my 22nd birthday, exactly 2 years ago. We dined at Heat Resaturant in Edsa Shangrila Hotel

It is August already! My favorite month, well, because it is my birth month! I usually have a month long celebration, but this year’s probably a little different. I haven’t planned any celebration, except for the one today: lunch with my family. Unfortunately, it was cancelled because my mom’s not feeling well. So we’re still trying to assess if we can have dinner instead. Or if not, we’ll just move it next week.

Anyway, I have decided to try this The Sunday Currently, which I first saw in mainemendoza’s blog. I like challenges that require me to post more frequent in my blog. I tried Photo-A-Day challenge at the start of the year, which I failed to maintain. So hopefully I can keep this updated since I only have to do this once a week.

So, game?

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