Filling in the gap.


I know it’s been quite a while since I posted anything meaningful here. And did you notice I have a new blog? Hah! Yes, I decided to separate my thoughts, poems and writings from my byahenidrei blog. It’s awkward for people checking out the places I’ve been to then stumble upon my laslas-pulso posts. So there.

Another news! I’ve been accepted as a part-time blogger to a local travel shop. You can check out their website here. It feels good to get paid for something you’d like to do such as writing. I am still not used to it though, but I love everytime I get to post an article and people are liking it and actually reading it.

Geez, it’s the end of October already! Time really flies by so fast! Okay, gotta go, have to blog something meaningful. Bye!

Not all who asks, gets an answer.

I don’t know if it was the stillness of the night or the craving of my aching body that made me want to know the answers tonight and not on any other coming nights. Or maybe it is the persistent madness inside my chest to complete the piece of an unresolved puzzle.

Why do we always want to know the answers?

1. Because we don’t want to be left hanging.

2. Because we know we deserve an answer.

3. Because after all, a question will not be raised, if an answer is not needed.

But some people are afraid to ask and some people aren’t generous enough to give out answers.


So tonight, I resolved that I will no longer seek for an answer. And think that not getting an answer is an answer to itself.

There are things in the past that are better left unsaid, unanswered. And there are things in the future that are worth waiting for.

Sometimes, when you didn’t get an answer, you will make up all the possible answers there are. And sometimes when you didn’t get a closure, you will find it within yourself. There are sentences that don’t end with a period. Sometimes, sentences end with an ellipsis. A promise of a continuation. Something that you don’t force, but something that you will find along the way.

So stop wasting your time trying to get an answer. Believe that it will find you.