Japan 2017: How to Apply for Japan Visa

One look at the requirements for Japan visa and you’ll start to think twice about going. But do not get too overwhelmed with the requirements, it’s actually pretty easy to apply for a Japan visa.

First, you need to find an accredited agency who processes Japan visa. In the Embassy of Japan website, they have indicated the following agencies:

For our visa, we went to Rajah Travel Corporation. I have a friend working there and she advised me to wait for the Travel Expo to pay for the visa processing fee because they will give a discounted amount. So we went to the Expo last February and pay for the visa processing fee of P450 instead of the original price of P1,500.

Then, they sent the list of requirements for the visa.

  1. Valid Passport. It must be valid 6 months from the date of travel. Bring old passports.
  2. Completed visa application form. Your agency will give you this. Or you can download it here.
  3. For those with guarantors (example, mother will shoulder the expense of the kids), a separate form needs to be filled. You can download it here.
  4. 1 recent 2×2 colored photo (or just say photo for Japan visa and photo studio will know it). Must have white background and applicant should wear a collared top. Write your name at the back of the photo before pasting it on the application form (Note: paste the photo and not staple it)
  5. Original NSO Birth Certificate. Must be issued 1 year from filing. You can order it here for P350.
  6. If married, NSO-issued marriage certificate.
  7. Certificate of employment stating position, tenure of service and with gross annual income. You can also include your ITR or anything that will prove your employment.
  8. For Self-employed, DTI Business Name Registration or SEC Registration Certificate
  9. Original bank certificate. Must be issued within 3 months from filing.
  10. Daily schedule/itinerary in Japan. Here’s our daily itinerary. You can use it as a sample.

Sample Itinerary



* It doesn’t have to be super detailed. Just give them an idea where you’ll be going during your stay. I personally believe the itinerary will be considered when they check your bank certificate.

We were a group of 6 where 1 was a guarantor, 2 were under the guarantor, 2 students w/o guarantor and 1 self employed. Since I think better when I create lists, I came up with this checklist. Please see the requirements below based on which category you fall in.

Visa Checklist 2

* Feel free to copy my checklist or comment below/send me a message, I can send you the template.

Once you submit everything, the agency personnel will go through your documents and make sure you have complete requirements. Afterwards, just wait and pray that you’ll get approved. Usual turnaround time is 3 – 5 business days.

And after few days of waiting… are you ready to see this in your passport? 🙂

JPN Visa.png

That’s it! Goodluck!


Travel Guide: 3 days in Taipei

Travel date: July 29 – August 2 (midnight) 2016

Finally! I found the time to share my Taipei itinerary.

Few months back, Taiwan remained to be just another country for me. I didn’t know a lot of people who have visited Taiwan, compared to those who have gone to Japan or Korea. But what convinced us to book a trip to Taiwan? What did we do there? Where did we eat? What are my tips to those who will be visiting Taiwan soon? I will answer everything below. 🙂

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My Klook Experience

My friends know how fond I am of creating itineraries and researching activities for my trips. Recently, we flew to Hong Kong, and I promised myself that I would do the things I did not do during my first visit. (Back story: My first trip to HK was in 2013, and we availed a packaged tour: HK Disneyland + Shenzhen + jewelry shop and other places I am not interested in).

This time, I wanted to go to The Peak and try the Ngong Ping cable car. Luckily, I found an app where I can book these activities at a discounted price: Klook. I learned about Klook while I was browsing posts in DIY Travel Pilipinas (posted by Mr. Richmond Difuntorum Cruz). I was curious, so I downloaded it and gave it a shot. I was hesitant at first, because I never heard of it before. But then, it turns out to be a really good app and I can’t stop recommending it to people, who just like me, like to customize their itinerary.

Here’s what I booked:


  1. This is the activity that you booked.
  2. Number of tickets you bought
  3. Total amount of the activity.
  4. Discounted amount because I have a referral code. You can use mine to get a discount for your 1st purchase: ZLI88
  5. The new amount of the activity
  6. This is where you can see the voucher. It will also be sent via email

The usual round trip ticket to the Peak is 88HKD (545Php). But you have to fall in line for about 2 hours. The one I purchased through Klook was a Fast Track, meaning we got to skip the 2 hour queue and went straight to the tram. And that is only for 508.50Php. HOW.AWESOME.IS.THAT?

Overall, I really love my experience with Klook. That’s why I am sharing it to you. I can’t wait for my next travel, just so I can book with them again.

Download the app and see it for your self (this is not a sponsored post, haha!) They currently have vouchers for Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Phuket, Bali and even Boracay.

Don’t forget to use my referral code: ZLI88 for you to get a discounted price on your first purchase! 🙂

With love,


In Transit: Vietnam to Cambodia

When we booked our tickets for our Vietnam – Cambodia trip, we already decided that we were doing a cross-country trip. We booked a ticket from Manila to Ho Chih Minh then Siem Reap to Manila. We had no choice but to do our research on how to get from Ho Chih Minh to Siem Reap. You are probably reading this because you, too, are planning to do a cross-country trip from Vietnam to Cambodia.

It is very easy, actually.

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