Words to Live By of a 24-Year Old Kid

National Monument, Kuala Lumpur
National Monument, Kuala Lumpur

24 is all about conquering your fears, following your heart and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Those are the exact words that popped into my thought bubble as I was contemplating about life while taking a shower. I just turned 24. And I really want to make the most out of this year. See, this is the time when you are supposed to live young, wild and free. It dawned on me the endless possibilities in life, as endless as those drops of water touching my skin. It continues to flow until such time I decided to turn it off. Same goes with life, I realized that there are vast range of opportunities around, and the only time that these opportunities will cease, is that time when you stop yourself from getting it.

Really, best life realizations and decisions are made in the shower!

So, this year, the year before I turn into  the infamous age of the so-called quarter-life, I promise to enjoy live life. Travel more, try the things I haven’t done before, especially those in my bucket list (na inugat na sa tagal). I will take risks often, I will talk to strangers (PS not the kaduda-duda strangers, I mean), I will let my guard down and let people in, I will let go of the things that don’t work for me anymore, let go of the anger and forgive, I will let myself fall in love with the person I am not supposed to, just because it feels right. I will step out of the usual, and do things a little different this time.

I am already starting to list the things I would like to try this year. I will take that theatre class that I’ve been wanting to join since 2012, I would dye my hair red or violet or whatever color they said wouldn’t fit me. I would get a tattoo, even if my parents are totally against it. Because it is when you realize that you are in control of your life  that you start living it. So to those like me out there who has been afraid of changes and of leaving the ‘comfortable and usual’ setup, I hope you find within yourself the courage to try and risk and live the life you’ve always wanted, regardless of what people will say.

Because as what the pabebe girls said, “Di nyo kami mapipigilan!