Travel Diary: Nagsasa Cove


PS: My travel blog articles are entered late — waaaaay late, that it will pass as a throwback article.

May 31, 2014.

Before summer officially ended, we had one last hirit sa tag-init. I was so desperate to go out of town at that time, that I volunteered myself to organize the whole out-of-town get together. I took care of the place, the contact person and the food, which is a first time. I rarely participate in the planning activity, I usually shell out my contribution then that’s it. But this is not like the other out-of-town trips. I have to plan it for it to push through.

We were aiming for somewhere cheap and just hours away from the metro but would still give an amazing experience. We were choosing between Burot Beach in Batangas and Nagsasa in Zambales. We went for the latter. Imagine for only P1500.00 we were able to have a great time in Zambales and we got to visit 3 islands!

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